3-Hour Ethics

This course was designed to fulfill three hours of required continuing education credit, as well as fulfill the NAR Quadrennial Ethics Training requirement for REALTORS®. It will also provide you with information that is relevant to your real estate career.

Be sure to read all of the Materials and Case Studies. The answers for the case studies are provided for your review. Once you have completed the reading and activities, complete the Final Examination and return it to Alpha College of Real Estate along with your Registration. Have the Course and Test Certification Affidavit notarized and keep in your records for 3 years.

When we receive this information, your test will be graded and your continuing education certificate will be mailed to you. Upon passing the exam we will forward your completion to the Virginia Real Estate Board. It may take 3-5 days for your completion to post on the VREB website. You have met your education requirement when you have passed the exam. Once you have received your certificate, you will want to keep it in your files as it will be proof of your continuing education requirement should VREB audit your records. Any additional certificates requested will incur a $2.50 processing charge.

If you have questions regarding the course materials or other educational opportunities, please contact Alpha.

Best of luck in your studies and your real estate career!

Deana Wilson

Deana G. Wilson
Director of Professional Development